How To Contact Your Colorado Legislator

Many times, ABATE membership will be called upon to contact their legislators to state/voice their support for, or opposition to, legislation or bills that would affect our motorcycling interests, agenda, lifestyle, and choices. The following information is intended as your guide so that you may input and affect the legislative process by contacting your elected representatives.

How many times have you felt or thought that a proposed law or bill was unfair and detrimental to you in your life? How about a law or bill that is a positive to you? Either way, what is important is that you make your voice heard. We can talk and gripe among ourselves about things but that doesn't take us anywhere; action is the key. In reality, your legislators want to hear from you and it is their job to listen, respond, and help you. This is not a difficult process and once you engage in it you will know how easy it is – the initial feeling of being unsure and of intimidation gives way to great satisfaction in knowing that you have done your part.

Remember: ABATE provides leadership, direction, and courses of action to our members. ABATE depends on you; you depend on ABATE – we work together to get things done.

1. Find out the names and contact information of your State senator and State representative:

  • Call your county clerk's elections office for your exact district numbers (these are higher population areas)

  • Adams – 303-654-6030 El Paso – 719-575-8683

    Arapahoe – 303-795-4511 Jefferson – 303-271-8111 #5

    Boulder – 303-413-7740 Larimer – 970-498-7820

    Denver – 303-640-2351 Mesa – 970-244-1662

    Douglas – 303-660-7444 Pueblo – 719-583-6620
  • Check: (left side of the screen – enter 9-digit zip code, hit “Go”)

  • Contact a political party:

    Colorado Democratic Party 303-623-4762

    Colorado Republican Party 303-758-3333

    Libertarian Party of Colorado 303-837-9393

    If you know who your State Representative in the House is, you may access them on the web (e-mail), General Assembly directory at:

    If you know who your State Senator is, access the directory at:

2. Write down their addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses. Keep them handy and posted.

3. Write a letter or an e-mail (letters have more impact)


  • Make it short – one page is plenty
  • Address it to their home or to:

  • The Honorable xxxxxxxx
    Colorado State Capitol
    200 East Colfax
    Denver, CO 80203

  • State that you live in the legislator's district (you are a constituent)
  • State your concern (pro or con, support or no)
  • Give your reasoning (if you are inclined to do so); do not try to be an expert on the subject unless you are one
  • Include return contact information

4. Make a phone call:


  • Call legislators at their offices or homes
  • Tell them your name and where you live
  • Briefly say why you are calling (reference to legislation, bill #, etc.)
  • Be polite – speak slowly – maintain composure
  • Keep it short
  • If you reach voice mail, leave a message using the same as above
  • Thank them for their time
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