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I took the Basic Rider Course this past weekend at Front Range Community College in Fort Collins. 

I was very impressed with the course and the instructors, Marsha Hall and Anthony Smith.  I wanted to commend your organization and these instructors for putting on such a great course.

I will certainly recommend this course (and your other courses) to others.

Gary Noel

Hello Mr. Hochberg,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know
that I was very impressed with the level of
professionalism displayed by the instructors at the
motorcycle training class last week at Front Range
Community College. Both Shirley and William were
thorough and encouraging and worked very well
together to provide a very positive experience.
With this training, I feel I am ready to begin
enjoying motorcycling again after about 25 years of not riding.

Thank you for your part in making classes and
instructors such as Shirley and William available.

Best wishes,
Marty Tiffany

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this weekend's Basic Rider Course, taught/coached by Brian W. and Larry R. They did a great job of keeping it interesting, relevant and fun. It was a great way to re-enter the world of riding after a thirty year absence.
Good job ABATE!
Peder T. Kruger
Evergreen, CO

Ben, I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed my motorcycle class at red rocks community college on 7/28 and 7/29. Craig and Bob were great instructors, and i feel very confident in my ability to ride motorcycles now. Keep up the good work!

Matthew Nagle

From Terry Lee (a student in 7/12/08 at Pueblo); Instructors Charlie & Dave Mickel. The following was dictated to me over the phone:
“Represented ABATE to utmost. Very professional. Very patient. Very knowledge. I’ve been an instructor in management and was very impressed. Handled themselves well and didn’t push us through like cattle. Very knowledgeable. Exceeded expectations! Nothing but praise for these two!”
IMO, to hear this type of praise from a Texan is indeed a good thing… J

My name is Cassandra LeRoy.  My father (Scott LeRoy) and I took the Basic Rider Course last weekend (the 6/10, 12, and 13th course).  Our instructors, Ted and Shirley, were GREAT!  Their patience, humor, and feedback (always constructive) made the class a real success for us.  We made it to the DMV to officially get our licenses and bought a 08 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 last week!!!  We just wanted to say thanks to your program and to our amazing instructors for allowing us to begin our motorcycle adventures (although they continue to only consist of parking lot adventures for now - we still have a lot of learning to do on our new 500!!!).  We will certainly be looking to take more classes from you in the future.  Thanks.  Happy riding...

I took the April 11th-13th class at AIMs in Greeley. This class was couched by Alan Mason and Bob Liepold. I want to use my time to let you know that I was truly impressed with these guys. Their knowledge of the sport, combined with an excellent ability to diagnose what people were doing right and wrong helped me build skills to ride safely. I would also like to comend their people skills. In about an hour I felt like we were old friends and the class became very cohesive under their leadership.
There is no possible way that you have better folks in your group than these two!
Guy Fernandez
Now with a Motorcycle endorsed license.

The email is regarding a Motorcycle safety course I took at Arapahoe Community College on
31Mar-02Apr08 w/ Allen G. I just wanted to say he was very professional, helpful, informative, and just plain awesome. The course was great and I went from zero knowledge or riding skill to being a safe, licensed rider.
Thanks you for your awesome services.
Bill Sullivan

George and Mike (and Brian) were great instructors. 
I really did appreciate all their coaching and instruction!  
Jeanne Wies

Perrie, I wanted to pass along a quick note on my ABATE class. I recently took the beginner riders course at Arapahoe Community College on April 18th - 20th. My instructors for the course were David and Michael. Because of them I was able to ace my riding test and only missed one question on the written test! I have to tell you that they made the course enjoyable and very knowledge filled experience! I am going to highly recommend the course to other friends and have plans to take the Experienced rider course next spring! Please pass along my comments and give them each a pat on the back as you have two very good instructors in David and Michael! Thanks,
Larry Ingalls
Now a fellow avid motorcycle rider!

Hi Karl,
I was looking for the email add to write ABATE to compliment them on a WONDERFUL class that I took over the weekend.  I graduated from the MOST class this weekend. (April 24 to 26th) David and Mike were my instructors and they made the class very interesting and fun to be there, but more important they taught me the importance of the safety measures you must know and have when riding. 
After the class, David was even more informative of what ABATE is all about and stands for, and I was very appreciative of this, so much that I will be joining ABATE today as a member, and look forward to being at the state rallies and supporting ABATE in any way that I can.  I have many biker friends whom I will also get the word out to them to follow my example and fight for biker rights. 
Thank you and all of ABATE for doing what you are doing for the right of bikers.  Keep up the great work and I look forward to joining and supporting your organization.
Jackie Mendoza

Hi Ben,
I took the Basic Rider Course at FRCC in Westminster on May 29th and 30th. I wanted to let you know that Shirley and William are the best instructors. They made our class a fun learning environment. They put us at ease and I definitely learned a lot from them. I rode a scooter, i have a 150cc scooter at home, while the rest of my class rode motorcycles but I feel I learned a little more than everyone else. I practiced their techniques along with mine. I feel 100% more comfortable riding my scooter around now. I look forward to taking more classes with these 2 instructors. As anyone riding a 2 wheeled vehicle I will be taking the rider skill enhancement class because you can never learn to much. Just wanted to let you know how appreciated your instructors are!
Melissa Woolley

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