Rider-Ed / Training F.A.Q.

Q. I see the time classes start but not the end time.
How late do these classes go?

A. The end time is approximate and we can’t tell you exactly what time you will be released for the day. Various factors can dictate what time the class ends on any given day – weather, class progression, etc. You should plan to be there all day – at least until 5:30 PM. Not all classes run this late, but some will run even later.

Q. I signed up for the 2 ½ day format.
The first day is 3 hours. Do I need my riding gear?

A. The first day of the 2 ½ day format is classroom only. Come as you are but don’t forget your drivers license and something to write with.

Q. I have an appointment and may need to leave the class early.
A. The class exercises must be completed in a certain order before the student can progress to the next exercise. There are no exceptions. If you can’t attend the entire class, you should consider rescheduling your class. Leaving the class early is an automatic failure and will result in a tuition forfeiture.

Q. I got two confirmation emails. Did I register twice?
A. Probably not. The online registration links don’t always work for everyone so we manually send out a second confirmation with attachments that most people are able to open. This generally happens the next business morning after you registered and does come from the same email address (which is an unmonitored email box).

Q. What kind/size bikes do you use?
A. We have a fleet of ‘training bikes’ that average about 250cc and are from various manufacturers.

Q. What if I want to ride a scooter? Do you have scooter classes?
A. We do not have scooter-only classes but we do have a limited number of scooters at each of our locations which can be reserved for those who wish to ride a scooter. Scooters must be reserved so although we try to get you into a class on your first choice of dates, we ask you to be flexible.

Q. Can I use my own bike in the class?
A. Beginner Rider Course (BRC) or Additional Rider Course (ARC): Generally not but exceptions may be made in certain circumstances, i.e. for medical reasons or to use a scooter. Restrictions do apply in these instances so be sure to call for details. For the ERCLW, use of your own motorcycle is generally optional.

Q. I see on your website you are offering an online
discount but I don’t want to register online or
put my credit card information in. Can I register over
the phone and still get the discount?

A. No. Online discounts are for registration and payment online only. Please be assured, our website is secure.

Q. If I register online and enter my credit card information,
when will my account be charged?

A. The website is in real time and clicking on ‘validate card’ will result in an immediate transaction.

Q. It’s going to be hot. Do I really have to wear long sleeves,
boots and all that?

A. Yes. That’s why we say “required”. Failure to have the required gear is grounds for dismissal from class and your tuition is forfeited.

Q. What footwear is acceptable?
A. The state rules, the curriculum and the insurance all require your ankle bone be covered while riding the training bikes. Any sturdy boot, including hiking boots, are acceptable as long as they cover your ankle. “Dress” boots – those with a high heel or platform, or those with dangling ornamentation – will interfere with successful operation of the motorcycle. Your Chuck Taylors are NOT acceptable, nor is any other type tennis shoe, flip flops, sandals, etc.

Q. What eye protection is acceptable?
A. For the purposes of the class, which is conducted on a closed course, glasses or sunglasses are acceptable. A helmet face shield also works but it must remain down at all times while on the range.

Q. Does everyone pass the Basic Rider Course?
A. No. This is a pass/fail course. Certain objectives must be met before a student can progress to testing and must then pass the test. We do have a very high success rate but not everyone passes the first time.

Q. What happens if I do fail the Basic Rider Course?
A. People fail for different reasons, therefore there is no set answer to this question. Your instructor will make a recommendation as to what he/she feels you need to successfully complete the course. We will then handle your particular case individually.

Q. If I fail the course can I get a refund?
A. No. As stated elsewhere, this is a Pass/Fail course. There is no money-back guarantee.

Q. What happens in the event of inclement weather?
A. If you do not receive a phone call prior to class, plan to be there. Parts of the class is indoors so is not affected by weather. If your class is unable to complete the riding portion due to weather, your instructor will give you the make-up date and you will be able to complete only that part that was not completed. If your schedule does not allow for the instructors’ make-up date, you will need to call the office and be slotted into another class. In that event, you may have to repeat a few exercises as it is difficult to determine the exact time a new class will be at the place you left off.

Q. I took the written test at the DMV and have my permit.
Will I still have to take the written test in class?

A. Yes. Our written test is a part of the curriculum and is not the same as the Colorado DMV test. The DMV accepts our written test upon successful completion of the class for purposes of licensing but that test does not replace the curriculum test. You have to pass both the written and riding tests to successfully complete this course.

Q. I have my own helmet but am not sure it’s appropriate for class.
Can I bring it?

A. Sure. If you’re not sure your helmet isn’t appropriate, the instructor will check it for you. If it’s not appropriate, you can borrow one of ours.

Q. I want to give a training course as a gift. Do you have gift certificates?
A. Yes, we do but you must purchase them either in person or over the phone (303-789-3264). Gift Certificates are non-refundable, although in some cases, they may be transferred.

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