Membership FAQ

1. How do I know how many years I've been a member?

The last four numbers of your current membership card are the month and year of your current “join date” (ex: a membership number of 05-0000-0303 indicates you are a member of District 5 and your current “join date” is March, 2003).

2. I joined in (February, 1993) but my membership card shows I joined in (July, 2002).

According to the ABATE of Colorado By-Laws, Article III, Section 12: “Any member who fails to pay his/her annual dues within sixty (60) days subsequent to the date such dues become due and payable shall have his/her membership rights canceled.”  If your join date has changed, your membership may have lapsed for more than 60 days at some point. Our membership database keeps “canceled” members in an archive. A “canceled” individual who “rejoins” is transferred from archives to active. He/she generally has the same original membership number but with a new “join date”.

3. I sent in my membership application indicating I wanted a 10-year Sustaining membership and my card still shows an expiration date of next year.

All membership options are for one-year terms. The only exception is the Honorary Life Membership and is not available for purchase – it must be earned and awarded.

4. I sent in my membership application indicating I was applying for a 5-year Multiple Year Membership and got a 3-year patch and card.

Either your membership had lapsed for more than 60 days at some time during your membership tenure, or, for whatever reason, you did not qualify for the 5-year option. If you question the decision, please call the state office for discussion.

5.  My (significant other) and I joined as a couple. Do we get only one vote?

According to Article III, Section 5 of the By-Laws: “... Each individual in the joint membership shall be deemed a separate member and shall have one membership vote....”

6. I joined ABATE six-months ago and never received my membership packet or any issues of the Spokesman.

We want our new (and renewing) members to receive all their benefits. If you haven't received your membership materials within a week or two of joining, you should contact the state office to see if it was returned or simply lost. Membership materials not received by the member will be replaced at no additional cost to the member.

ABATE uses third class (bulk-mail) for the Spokesman. The post office will not forward third-class mail. If you move, you need to notify the membership office of your new address.

7.  I've lost my patch/pin(s). Can it be replaced?

All pins and/or patches can be replaced. Your initial patch, and a pin for each year of membership, are benefits of membership. Replacements are available for a small fee – based on our costs

8. Click HERE to find answers about your Accidental Death/Dismemberment benefit.

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