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ABATE of Colorado is committed to increasing motorcycle safety. We believe this objective can be achieved through a combination of motorcycle rider training programs and motorist awareness campaigns.

Accident prevention is key to reducing injuries and fatalities on our nation's highways. To further this cause we have, in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Transportation's Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) office, developed the Operation Save A Life program.

This program includes live presentations, public service announcements on radio stations, and posters anywhere we are allowed to put them. The presentations are approximately 45 minutes which includes a DVD about sharing the road with motorcycles. We are able to go anywhere in Colorado and present this program. We have been successful at presenting this program to several fleet programs such as school bus drivers, field technicians with independent companies, senior citizen groups and some high schools . We also offer the Share the Road (5 min) DVD free of charge to driving schools, law enforcement, motorcycle clubs and anyone that feels this DVD will benefit their group.

Our goals:

  • To increase driver understanding of how motorcycles interact with traffic and how that interaction is different from cars.
  • To increase drivers awareness of their responsibilities toward other vehicles on the road, particularly motorcycles.
  • To increase awareness of the growing number of motorcyclists
  • To emphasize the need and importance of all of us to share the road.

If you are interested in supporting our program in any way, want a DVD or informational brochures, bumper stickers, schedule a presentation, or need more information, please contact the ABATE State Office 303-789-3264

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