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The ABATE Randy Run is an Annual event to raise money for fallen bikers and/or their families. It is our intent to have some funding available to “help out” when someone has been hurt or killed. The event started out as a fundraiser for Randy and Joan Savely, Randy (who is now ABATE D10’s District Rep) was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Randy and Joan were financially devastated by the accident. A community of friends--as well as total strangers--gathered around them to provide support and caring and to ensure that they did not sink into despair and isolation. While Randy was still in the hospital, one friend had the idea of organizing a fundraising run to raise money to help out. Dubbed the Randy Run, Joan's friend Deb Anderson took charge of organizing it, going so far as joining ABATE in order for it to be an official ABATE District 10 run, although Deb does not ride. The Randy Run evolved out of her dedication. That first year, the money raised went to Randy and Joan. The 2nd year, Randy and Joan helped to organize a second Randy Run to benefit others and their families who suffered severe injuries or death on their bikes. Now, in 2009, ABATE of Colorado has made the Randy Run a state-wide event, to be held annually. "The Randy Run is part of what has helped us get back," says Randy. "The run is a reason for coming back." Joan adds, "It would have been easy to just quit, but the way people came together to help us, it humbles you and changes your perspective in a heartbeat." All the Districts around the state are encouraged to hold fundraisers with the proceeds benefiting ABATE’s Randy Run. There is a grant application and approval process in which you must apply for financial support. While ABATE members will be given preference, all bikers are welcome to apply. Donations for this event are accepted all year. We are in need of auction items, cash donations, gift cards and door prizes, anything you are able to give. As a non-profit, your donations are tax deductible. If you know of a business or someone who would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please contact us.
Remember fellow motorcyclists,
“No one is going to take care of us except us!” Dave Christy

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Randy Savely with Terry Howard and Jim Wilson
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