“Dedicated to Freedom of the Road” is one of our mottos; “Education instead of legislation” is another. We are not a social or riding club, although much camaraderie exits among our members.

Some people refer to us as the “anti-helmet law people” and, while that is true, it’s only one aspect of many issues we’re involved in concerning motorcycling and motorcycle rights. Motorcycling is no longer an activity that can be taken for granted. There are people, bureaucrats, politicians and organizations that have a plan for bikers/riders/motorcyclists, and we must continually be on guard. Education and knowledge about the issues is your friend; action is the key.  We conduct motorcycle safety courses, educate legislators, the public and our members, fight unfair lobbying practices and work with other nations to ensure the safety of our chosen method of transportation as global harmonization materializes. We are a recognized political power!  We ask you to put a value on what motorcycling means to you, and consider what you might do to keep it.




  • Established a democratic organization for protection of biker rights
  • Sponsored a state resolution in support of Colorado’s 10th Amendment Rights
  • Opened lines of communication with freedom fighting motorcyclists both here in Colorado and on the national level
  • Successfully lobbied in Washington, DC, on behalf of Colorado motorcyclists for repeal of Sec. 153 ISTEA penalties
  • Helped defeat mandatory helmet legislation in Colorado
  • Sponsors May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month
  • Raised money and collected donations for nonprofit organizations
  • Operates the larges MOST certified rider education program in Colorado
  • Developed credibility with the community, law enforcement, media, legislators, CDOT and NHTSA
  • Hosts regular seminars on motorcyclists rights in Colorado
  • Supported legislation for self-funded rider education
  • Works to educate riders on dangers of alcohol and drunk driving
  • Worked to establish Motorcycle Veteran license plates
  • Worked to ensure motorcyclists are not denied health care benefits
  • Promoted a law for Military to have in-state status on rider education tuition
  • Lobbied in Washington, DC for the passage of the SAFE-TEA LU bill
  • Promoted and lobbied legislation for 3 wheel endorsement
  • Promoted and obtained 3 wheel classes and testing
  • Promotes and educates Operation Save A Life
  • Promotes and educates Accident Scene Management
  • Active in the NHTSA Colorado Motorcycle Assessment recommendations
  • Involved in several Motorcycle Safety Committees within the Colorado Dept of Transportation
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